About Us

A Castell is a human pyramid and constructed out of several layers of people supported by solid human foundations, the Castell grows in height until a child can be held at the very top.

We chose the name Castell because it represents solidarity and working together; this concept has served as an inspiration to the values we hold. At the very heart of everything we do we encompass the core values of teamwork, trust and responsibility, agility and communication.

We are a nationally recognised, award-winning, London based financial advice firm whose mission is to teach individuals and companies the art of managing their finances in a thoughtful, sustainable and tax-efficient way as a means to achieve their personal Future Perfect. This is achieved through consistent financial planning and responsible investing, allowing you to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Our clients are supported with a bespoke and personalised client service and state-of-the-art financial technology, giving them confidence that their financial affairs are handled with the highest level of competency. The team at Castell consists of highly experienced advisors who pride themselves on promoting forward thinking, creativity and open communication.

The office, here in the heart of the City of London, exhibits an atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism, substantiating our position as a leading partnership within a premier financial services firm. By achieving our mission to financially educate, provide financial security, and improve the lives of our clients through responsible investing, we have earned the respect and admiration of the financial community and the people we work for.