Claudia Barchi

Marketing Manager

Claudia has over eleven years of experience within the digital marketing space. Her love for literature drove her to work with words and communication and has since enabled her to work in the events space, promoting live events for speakers including Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck. Always up for a new challenge, Claudia is proud to join the financial services sector and has taken a position building and developing the Castell brand.

Claudia has a bachelor’s degree in social communication and regularly hypothesises that marketing is predominantly based on human behaviour as opposed to sales techniques. She specialised in designing and improving the customer journey from the point of first contact to when they become a client and member of our bespoke ecosystem. She believes that valuable content and building a relationship are fundamentals of a successful marketing campaign and a rewarding client journey.

In her free time, Claudia loves to ride her bike, walk her two dogs and read books. She also plays video games, listens to live music and goes to concerts with her daughter.