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23rd December 2021

Long-term care: what are the options?

At a glance The first step is to understand your or your loved one’s care requirements – and a care needs assessment by social services can help with this. Care can then...

23rd December 2021

Keeping business exits on course

Exiting a business can be a challenging experience for business owners, even at the best of times. While COVID-19 has changed many things in our lives, all the measures of a business...

23rd December 2021

Give your ISA the best chance of success

At a glance: Stocks & Shares ISAs are a very tax-efficient – and potentially lucrative – way of saving for the long term (at least five to 10 years). Each person’s ISA...

23rd December 2021

Who pays for social care?

At a glance: Your local authority is responsible for social care and will work out if you qualify for financial support. They will provide a means test to calculate whether you have...

23rd December 2021

Do you have to sell your home to pay for care?

At a glance It’s not always necessary to sell your home to fund long-term care. If you choose to receive in-home care, or if a spouse or dependent relative remains living in...

23rd December 2021

Should I wait to access my pension?

At a glance: If you can afford to leave your pension untouched for the near future, your money will remain invested and could grow into a larger savings pile – although there’s...

23rd December 2021

Planning for your financial future as a new mum

At a glance Statistics on the gender pay gap reflect how important it is for new mums to have a financial plan to ensure their family’s future That plan should include protection...

23rd December 2021

What should I do if one of my parents needs care?

At a glance Having a parent who needs long-term care can be very stressful, and people often don’t know where to turn for support. Our recommendation is to follow a five-step plan,...

23rd December 2021

The importance of an annual tax review

At a glance It’s important to keep an eye on your tax position to ensure you’re neither overpaying nor underpaying tax. An expert adviser can go through everything with you, from making...

23rd December 2021

If a loved one needs care: managing their changing needs

At a glance: If a parent or grandparent requires care, it’s important to consider how their needs might evolve in the future so that you can be prepared. This has implications in...

23rd December 2021

Paying for long-term care: what are your options?

Almost half the UK’s population believes that if they need social care, it will be funded by the NHS: according to research conducted by the Local Government Association, 44% of people think...

23rd December 2021

Do you have to sacrifice returns to do the right thing?

Responsible investing may not have to come at the cost of financial returns. Rather, it has the potential to boost growth in your portfolio, reduce the effect of market swings and increase...

23rd December 2021

The cost of a comfortable retirement

The Retirement Living Standards explain exactly what a happy and enjoyable retirement will cost you. We now have more information, more choices, and more responsibility for our retirement savings. But will the...

23rd December 2021

Understanding inflation

As prices creep up after COVID-19 lockdowns, how should investors think about it? As the COVID-19 restrictions have gradually eased, and consumers have been able to leave their homes and spend their...

23rd December 2021

Turning the oil tanker around

Pressure from investors is encouraging major oil and gas producers to refocus towards renewable energy, demonstrating how your money can make a positive difference. Demand for fossil fuels is reaching a plateau...

23rd December 2021

Preparing for a care-needs assessment

The first step towards finding the care a loved one needs is for them to undergo a formal assessment by their local authority – here’s how to get the most from it....

23rd December 2021

Everything you need to know about the social care means test

A financial assessment by your local authority will ascertain how much they’ll pay towards your long-term care. If you need long-term care and have received a care support plan, the next step –...

23rd December 2021

The links between mental health and financial wellbeing

It’s well recognised that the money problems that may arise from challenging and stressful life events often impact mental health. Fortunately, there is support available. If we ever needed a clear illustration...

23rd December 2021

Self-employed women: you work for yourself but you’re not alone

Looking after your finances can seem daunting when you’re self-employed, but you don’t have to go it alone. Taxes, pensions and cash flow are easier to manage than you think. Rising numbers...

23rd December 2021

Your 2021/22 tax allowances: why you shouldn’t wait until March to make the most of them

Leaving it to the last minute can cost you financially and cause unnecessary stress. If you’ve ever left it as late as possible to meet a deadline, you’ll know what it feels...

23rd December 2021

How to protect yourself against investment cyber crime

Cybercriminals are developing and boosting their attacks at an alarming pace, exploiting the fear and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. In March 2020, our home and work lives moved from in-person to remote....

23rd December 2021

How has video calling improved financial literacy?

Video calling has gone mainstream and it’s had some surprising positive effects, including empowering women financially. Virtual meetings have become the norm in our professional and social lives, and it’s having bigger...

23rd December 2021

Why more women are investing in income protection – and you should, too

Since the pandemic began, growing numbers of women have been buying policies that will pay out during long-term sickness or unemployment. This is a wise move. Everyone knows they need to insure...

23rd December 2021

How the self-employed can work towards a bright financial future

With an uncertain income and no employer pension contributions, self-employment can make it hard to plan for retirement. But the flexibility it offers has advantages, too. When it comes to long-term finances...

23rd December 2021

What can golf success teach you about tax planning

There are more parallels than you might first imagine – and for both, it’s critical to take expert advice to guide you, improve your skills and help you achieve long-term success Golf...

23rd December 2021

Meeting your long-term retirement goals: the power of visualisation

It can be difficult to find the motivation to save and invest for retirement, but visualisation techniques used by elite athletes can help. There are few certainties in life, but one thing...


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2nd December 2021

Christmas Wine Tasting Event

We are inviting clients and guests to a wine tasting event comparing English sparkling wine grown and produced in Norfolk, and Italian wine produced in Pordenone, Italy.

22nd October 2021

Business Breakfast – The Castell Ecosystem

We will be discussing business exits and the personal taxation rules surrounding shares held as part of IPO’s and business sales. 

16th September 2021

Centurion Golf Club – Charity Golf Day

We are hosting a charity golf day at one of the UK’s premier golf courses in aid of the St. James’s Place Foundation.

25th November 2021

E.J. Churchill – Simon Weston Testimonial Clay Pigeon Shoot Day

We are proud sponsors of the Simon Weston Testimonial fundraiser at the West Wycombe Estate in Buckinghamshire.

29th September 2021

Brockett Hall – Client & Guest Golf Day

We are hosting a golf day at The Melbourne Club followed by a team golf competition and a late lunch BBQ

29th August 2021

Financial Wellbeing In A World Worth Living In – The Convoy Community

Castell are proud to host the Convoy Community in the above event, co-hosted by James Lindley & Stacey Presly.

21st July 2021

Financial Wellbeing In A World Worth Living In – The Next Generation Insurance Network

The team at NGIN will be discussing ESG and sustainable investing, digital currency and the future of investing and the foundations of financial wellbeing.