Castell’s Charity Cycle

Helping those less fortunate than ourselves by dressing up in lycra and riding

I know what you’re thinking…

Is that my very serious, extremely professional, goals-based financial planner…and what the heck is he doing dressed up as Batman in Portsmouth!?!

Whilst we may barely be able to squeeze into our batman lycra cycling outfits, we are going out of our way to support the fantastic SJP Charitable Foundation. The team at Castell regularly donate to the Foundation, both through charitable events and through monthly pledges. However, with Covid-19 significantly reducing the amount of fundraising that the foundation was able to raise, we decided it was time to support them.


The Challenge

An elite team at Castell Wealth Management is off to a new sportive challenge in May 2022. The team will be cycling some rewarding climbs and thrilling descents along the beautiful hills of Tuscany and its Chianti region for an intense 6-day ride. Rest assured, we haven’t done adequate training yet!

The official 3-day loop starts in Pisa, heads to Florence, followed by Siena and back to Pisa. However, in typical Castell style, we decided that this wasn’t quite gruelling enough, and have booked an additional 300km before the event starts. Thus in total, we will be cycling close to 700km and over 5,000m of climbing.

To make the challenge even more satisfying, we have invited a select few clients with us (based entirely on their ability to cycle and cope with us for a week!). If this goes well, we will be turning it into an annual event, so please submit applications for next year. Our cyclists will have to pool their strengths and skills in a collaborative effort to complete the Italy challenge, and it is likely that there will be a few Pizza and Gelato stops needed along the way to boost morale.



What is the SJP Charitable Foundation?

One of the largest corporate foundations in the UK, and one of the top 1% of charities in terms of size. The Foundation has donated over £110 million to charitable causes over the last 30 years. Starting off in year one with a £17k donation to the Rainbow Trust in 1992 and reaching the £100m mark in 2020

The Foundation has helped over 8 million individuals and 4,000 charities and over 80% of the company supports the Foundation through payroll giving each month. The main focus of the SJP Charitable Foundation is on helping children and young people who have special needs or are disadvantaged, both in the UK and overseas. The Charitable Foundation also supports the hospice movement, charities in aid of cancer and, more recently, those helping people of all ages with mental health issues.


The Foundation has four core funding themes:

· Helping children and young people who have a physical or learning disability or are disadvantaged

· Hospices

· Cancer support charities

· Mental Health

The team at Castell have made several applications to the SJP Foundation over the last two years in order to support charities closely associated with our clients and their families. We have been lucky enough to successfully support (or are in the process of getting support for) the below charities. Alongside this, The Foundation supports many other good causes, including most recently a £1.2m grant that went to humanitarian support in Ukraine.

Little Hearts Matter – A charity providing support and information services that reduce the isolation, fear and lack of understanding experienced by families when a child is diagnosed with having half a working heart.

Let Us Play Wolverhampton – A local charity providing between 300 and 400 sessions per year of craft, leisure and sports activities for children with Special Needs and Disabilities. The charity supports children between the ages of 5 – 19 and currently works with over 120 families.

Some of the other grants that have been awarded are visible here.

We are committed to helping those less fortunate than ourselves – and ask for your support in keeping this fantastic charity thriving. Let’s just hope he is still smiling on top of the saddle on day 6!

Email us at: if you would like to join this adventure to help others.